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VME operators have been trained by the certification body “TCPE” for safety work and the use of electrical equipment, pursuant to Law no. 8734, dated 01.02.2001 “On guaranteeing the safety of work of electrical equipment”. This training took place at Tirana office on 19.09.2017.VME has also made a similar internal training based on the same topics on 22.12.2020.

ISO 17025
VME Laboratory employees have been trained for the requirements of Standard S SH E ISO / IEC 17025:2017 for Testing Laboratories, Management Procedures and Technical Procedures.

ISO 17025:2017 and ISO 17020:2012
The company has completed the training of managerial staff for ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020 standards at the Hellenic Institute of Metrology (EIM) in Greece.

Maintenance and Use of Benches
VME laboratory operators are trained on Maintenance and Use of benches according to IEC 62053-11, IEC 62053-21, IEC 62053-23, MID-III.


Managerial Training
The company VME-Verification of Electric Meters sh.pk also follows with priority the trainings related with implementation and application of the Standard ISO 17025 and ISO 17020.


  • Internal Management Training
    Recognition, implementation and Application ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO/IEC 17020:2012,

    Procedures created by the company, etc.


  • External Management Training
    Trainings outside Albania, respectively by:
  • ΕΙΜ – Hellenic Institute of Metrology in Greece,
    ISO 17025:2017 for the Calibration and Testing activity..
    ISO 17020:2012 for the Inspection activity.
    Some specific Metrological issues..


  • ECLE – European Centre for Laboratory Excellence in Brussels, Belgium
    International Master Class for the Implementation of the ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 Standard “From Theory to Practice” Brussels, Belgium


  • BIPM – ILAC Joint Webinar Mining KCDB 2.0 In the Context of Accreditation
    Assuring data quality in the CIPM MRA
    Overview of jointly agreed documents:
    BIPM-OIML-LAC-ISO Joint Declaration on Metrological Traceability
    ILAC P10:07/2020, ILAC Policy on Metrological Traceability of Measurement Results
    ILAC-CIMP Joint Communication on accreditation of NMI calibration services
    Accessing data effectively – KCDB 2.0 search and export of data
    Q&A session




S SH EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012
S SH EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017
S SH EN ISO/IEC 17000:2005
S SH EN ISO/IEC 17011:2017
S SH EN 62052-11:2020
S SH EN 62053-11:2003/A1:2017/AC:2018
S SH EN 62053-21:2020
S SH EN 62053-22:2020
S SH EN 62053-23:2020
S SH EN 50470-1:2006/A1:2018
S SH EN 50470-2:2006/A1:2018
S SH EN 50470-3:2006/A1:2018
IEC TR 60736:1982
OIML Nr. 46-1/2:2012 Recommendation
S SH EN 60445:2017
European Directive 2014/32/EU
European Directive 2019/944/EU
European Directive 2012/27/EU
ISO 2859-1:2008
IEC/EN 61010-1:2010
IEC/EN 61010-2-010:2014
S SH EN 61326
S SH EN 60044-8:2002
IEC 61869-1:2009
IEC 61869-2:2012
IEC/EN 60512-3-1:2002
S SH EN 61557:2007