Verifikimi i Matesave Elektrik


Highly trusted services, impartiality and confidentiality are the key stones that brought us rapidly in the top companies providing testing and verification in Albanian market.
Our success is based on our main value, people! With a diversified education and a great experience in the specific field, our staff ensures an outstanding experience of cooperation with the customer.

Tests of electrical meters consist of several tests referring to the relevant standards to determine the status of the meter for work or not.

The inspection is carried out at the location of the electric meter wherever the customer needs it.

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Testing Certificate 17025
VME sh.pk on 09.01.2018 has been accredited by the General Directorate of Accreditation for testing on benches in accordance with the standard S SH EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2017. The certificate holds the number LT 074 and is valid until 08.01.2022


Inspection Certificate 17020
VME sh.p.k. on 23.08.2018 was accredited as an Inspection Body to perform Inspection according to the S SH EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard. VME was re-accredited on 22.08.2022. The certificate holds the number TI 034 and is valid until 21.08.2026