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  • Testing of 1 and 3 phase active and reactive energy meters in the laboratory.
  • Inspection of 1 and 3 phase active and reactive meters in field.
  • Inspection of low voltage current transformers
  • Meter installation checks
  • Automated test equipment
  • Documentation
  • Technical support
  • Quality assurance
  • Sealing of meters with high security seals.
  • Sealing of meter terminals with high security seals.
  • Sealing of meters with self-destructive security labels.
  • Pick Up & delivery
  • Fast Service
  • Facilitation and assistance in decision making



VME provides the service of testing electric meters in accordance with national and international standards. With an easy and fluid procedure, you can book any possible day for our service. We will respond promptly and correctly to your requests and questions.


Testing Laboratory
The VME testing laboratory is one of the most advanced today in the market. We conduct testing with reference instruments of a high accuracy class. Our instruments have been calibrated by accredited companies, which makes them traceable to international standards. Our test data are stored in a secure SQL encryption database. This system allows us to manage data in a very fluid, secure and accessible way for anyone who wants such a service.


Inspecting of Electric Meters
VME offers on-site the service of inspection of electric meters. This service consists of inspecting the metering status, the voltage by which the meter is fed, the regularity of the electrical connections, the condition of the safety elements, etc. The meter is tested for the measurement error level it has and the test report is issued. Measuring the meter can be done with an independent feed source, or if it is not preferable to remove the meter from the connection scheme, it can be tested with instruments that utilize the actual load that has the meter at the moment of the test. VME also provides the service of power transformer inspection as an important element in the electricity measurement scheme.



Security Seals
VME seals are of a very high quality. They are built in two parts:

  • The body, which through a mechanism accepts and fixes the movable part and the wire. It is made up of polycarbonates resistant to UV radiation.
  • The movable part of the acetal material enables its insertion into the seal body.

Joining the two parts does not allow any space between them for the introduction of sharp and small objects. The wire that is inserted in it cannot be pull out without leaving clear signs. Being UV-resistant material, different parts of the seal do not change in shape or color. They withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to 120 ° C. The seal can only be used once and its assembly is carried out without the need for tools. After mounting any attempt to open it would result in distinct signs. Seals for meter sealing differ by color from those of sealing the terminals by making it easy to distinguish. The seal has the same serial number in the body and in the moving part laser-printed that cannot be changed.



Security Labels
Our safety labels are resistant to temperatures, humidity or solvents. They do not allow their removal as they leave clear signs in the body of the meter.


Sealing Wire
The sealing wire used by VME is galvanized steel, non-corrosive and non-magnetizable. It has tensile strength of 380 +/- 35 N / mm². It consists of a straight wire and a wire twisted at 5.2 times/cm. The straight wire has a diameter of 0.45 +/- 0.02 mm, while the twisted wire has 0.3 +/- 0.015 mm. Total diameter 1.04 +/- 0.04 mm. It is packed in a coil form that has 470 +/- 45 meters of wire in it.